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  • Amazon Vendor and Wal-mart Retail Link

    Clinton Anderson 1 vote 0 comments

    It would be pretty nice to get some integrations going with Amazon Vendor Central ( and Wal-Mart Retail Link ( considering their dominance in the eCommerce world. view more / comment

  • FedEx Declared Value - auto set

    Doingwork096 0 votes 1 comment Answered

     Does anyone know how I can automatically set the declared value for FedEx shipments (international exports)?  Currently I am changing the declared value for each individual shipment I process, but when my peak season comes up, I do not want to have to do that for hundreds of packages a day. view more / comment

  • Only sync certain items from Woo Commerce

    Scratch Garden 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I only want to import certain items into shippingeasy from my woo commerce store. There are items I have in my store that are handled by a 3rd party print-on-demand service so I don't need to worry about shipping them myself. However, I figure out how to not sync or import them into shippingeasy. There is an article on this but it applies to LEGACY ShippingEasy WooCommerce store integrations ONLY, which I don't have, so it is not helpful.  Help! view more / comment

  • Only sync certain items from Woo Commerce

    Scratch Garden 0 votes 3 comments Answered

    Is there an automatic way to only import certain items for shipping from Woo Commerce? I sell homemade stuff but also have my store integrated with Printful for t-shirts, but I have nothing to do with the shipping of the t-shirts. I can't figure out how to tell ShippingEasy not to import these items. There is a full article on this but it only applies to the LEGACY ShippingEasy WooCommerce store integrations.  Or do I have to manually take these items off each time? view more / comment

  • Purchase Order API

    Ten3 1 vote 0 comments

    A developer of ours recently was looking into connecting our Xero account with ShippingEasy.  Right now you offer support to fetch orders and transfer them to xero.   The way our accounting is set up, it would be most useful if ShippingEasy could provide an api to fetch the purchase orders that we input in ShippingEasy to be transferred to Xero.   Would this be something you could offer in the near future? view more / comment

  • Split shipping problem (Help)

    Brad kane 0 votes 2 comments Answered

    I use Ecwid and SE. I split a lot of my orders. The issue is the tracking emails. Right now, Ecwid is sending these emails, but I am aware that SE can also. The problem is, when I do split them, part of it is a dropship. SE says they can not send emails on drop shipped orders, only ones that the label was generated by them. So what is happening right now, Lets say, I have 2 shipments on one order, as soon as I either print a label, or mark it shipped with the tracking numb... view more / comment

  • Shopify Sync for Open, Paid, and Unfulfilled Orders

    Kathleen 0 votes 0 comments

    I need an option for shippingeasy to only pull in only Open, Paid, and Unfulfilled Orders, I can't mark my Amazon and Ebay orders as fulfilled in Shopify, because they'll be updated by shopify as shipped in the Marketplaces and then they get automatically cleared from shippingeasy.  I have my Ebay and Amazon orders coming into shippingeasy directly from the marketplaces because when they go into Shopify they lose vital information that we need so I'm only using Shopify to ... view more / comment

  • ADD ship time-of-day...

    Levi 0 votes 0 comments reports as a column. view more / comment

  • NEW FedEx rate!

    Levi 0 votes 0 comments

    We need to have ShippingEasy connected to our FedEx Domestic One Rate 2Day. Includes 2-3 box sizes. Signed the contract a few weeks ago, but only available to process on view more / comment

  • shipping cost not appearing on PrestaShop order

    Sam Asher 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    My ShippingEasy module is functioning in PrestaShop.  My PrestaShop shopping cart is functioning in ShippingEasy.  When an order is placed at our PrestaShop shopping cart the shipping charge is shown as "Free".  Since we have a 25 pound product that is NOT a good outcome for us.  How do I allow customers to see the shipping charge they will actually be paying to have their order shipped to them? Thank you. view more / comment

  • Select Different Packing Slip for different orders

    Connie 0 votes 0 comments

    I do not think there is a way to manually choose which packing slip to be printed? I would like to print a different packaging slip when it's a replacement order, and yet a different packing slip when I am including a return tag with the correct item.  In my orders program I get a drop down list of all templates I created in my print options but I do not process my replacement orders thru that program.   Ut would even be great if I could set a rule of if the text "R&q... view more / comment

  • Adding UPC Barcode to pick list and packing slips

    Grant 0 votes 0 comments

    I need the ability to add the UPC Barcode to both my pick lists and packing slips so that I can streamline the picking and packing process.  The only ability ShippingEasy currently has to add a barcode is for the product SKU on the pick lists and there is no option for packing slips.  Because I sell on Amazon not all of my product SKUs are the actual UPC Barcode but are a randomly generated SKU by Amazon.  If ShippingEasy had the ability to add specifically the UPC Barcode... view more / comment

  • Endicia Professional - Account Authorization Failed

    Justin Carter 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I have 3 associates that are unable to access Endicia Professional. As soon as they open the software they receive an error. Error: an error occurred while trying to connect with the Endicia Server The last time they were able to access the software was in August. view more / comment

  • Compatibility for Open Cart 3.0

    Doug 1 vote 0 comments

     I would really like to see compatibility for the current version of Open Cart current version which is now 3.0.2. view more / comment

  • I made extra postage purchases on accident! There is no messaging! Please help!!

    Katie 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Hello, I was just using your site for the first time and it said to purchase postage . . .and I clicked the button and nothing seemed to happen because the button, there was no messaging or confirmation that something happened . . .which I expected, so when nothing happened I clicked the button two more times and now I have $30 in postage credit. Can you please refund $20 asap?! I do not ship that much right now and can't really tie up $20. Thank you in advance! PS. I ... view more / comment

  • Americommerce store disconnected and can't reconnect

    Regina M Papa 1 vote 3 comments Answered

    My Americommerce store disconnected and when I try to reconnect, it says, "Credentials could not be validated". I went through the instructions and generated another Access Token, but it still won't reconnect.  = ( view more / comment

  • application won't open.

    Jurgen 0 votes 1 comment Answered

  • Subtotal showing wrong value in ShippingEasy orders page

    ram mohan 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Hi I'm trying to place an order with the Shippingeasy API and facing an issue. Identified issue: Subtotal showing wrong value in ShippingEasy orders page ( Thank you,Ram Mohan view more / comment

  • Average Costing Method on Inventory items

    Eric Brown 0 votes 0 comments

    Products currently have wholesale price field but this is static. Would be wonderful to have it be dynamic and adjust based on FIFO/LIFO/AVG costing as well as track historically against previously sold items when costs are different. view more / comment

  • MSRP Field to Product Details

    Eric Brown 0 votes 0 comments

    Need a MSRP field on product details page. This can be used for calculating inventory revenue turns and reference. view more / comment

  • Average Daily Revenue

    Eric Brown 0 votes 0 comments

    Please add to Marketing Dashboard under Averages this month the following: Revenue per Day. UPDATE: I see the new marketing dashboard which when looking at the day selection gives the above answer for one day only. It would be nice to see this as an Average Daily Revenue when displayed by week, month, year.   view more / comment

  • Sending Tracking Information for drop ships

    Michael 1 vote 1 comment Answered

    Emails not sending when you mark an item as shipped. No way to automate in Magento. view more / comment

  • Bigcommerce Disconnected Account

    Kevin 0 votes 3 comments Answered

     How do we reactivate a disconnected account followed the instructions on the link provided still unable to get to the confirm page after archiving store. view more / comment

  • Brick and Mortar POS Systems

    Samanthamodshield 0 votes 0 comments

    ShippingEasy needs to integrate with a POS system, so that we can continue tracking our inventory in one place. When somebody walks into our store, buys something and we ring them out, it should automatically come out of inventory. Shopify POS would be probably our last resort, but literally ANY POS system integration including Shopify POS, which seems you do not do that either, even though you integrate with Shopify itself? Please add this feature, one of the main reasons... view more / comment

  • Using ConnectEasy for multiple ShippingEasy accounts on same computer

    Ten3 2 votes 1 comment

    I have 2 separate businesses that both use ShippingEasy, but have different accounts since the businesses are totally separate. I have ConnectEasy set up for one account and it is incredibly useful, saves a ton of time. But for my second account I still have to do the slow way of getting the label, then going to the ready to print screen, then clicking print, then it shows up as a pdf and then I have to print it. It is incredibly annoying now that I know ConnectEasy works ... view more / comment

  • Allow Sales from Amazon and other channels to be color coded automatically

    Jason 1 vote 0 comments

    We use Shopify and import orders from Amazon > Shopify > Shipping Easy. But Amazon has rules for shipping speed, packing slips, etc. We need an automated to see those orders with a different color code so we may treat them accordingly.  view more / comment

  • Woocommerce not syncing

    Brian Anichowski 0 votes 5 comments Answered

    This is maddening, I have followed all of the information regarding syncing my woocommerce store with Shipingeasy. It was working great for a while, and then stopped. No amount of setup will work. I have deleted, re-added, made sure that the API keys, etc are correct. Status selection is correct. The purpose of this service was to make this easier, and I find myself having to key them almost every time.  If there is some super double secret way to make this work, someone p... view more / comment

  • Limit user access per store

    Ross 0 votes 1 comment

    ShippingEasy ("SE") currently has permissions which can be applied to each user. But regardless, users will have those same permissions for all stores. This is a big deficiency for SE customers that have drop shippers, or SE customers that are fulfilment services with many stores.    Our fulfilment service uses SE. It would be a huge productivity booster to be able for handle our orders in their SE by categorizing, adding notes, adding tags, and cancelling orders... view more / comment

  • Shipping request! URGENT

    Emily Loderup 0 votes 0 comments

    Hello! Our business just moved offices, and the new local post office is horrible. They’ve lost packages coming to our office (shipping supplies, packaging etc..) and they’ve lost customer packages going out. So we decided to pay for UPS pickup and delivery. I create labels through your partnership with Storenvy, but the only option is to print USPS labels. Please please make an option on storenvy specifically to make usps OR UPS labels so we can fix this mess! I’m sure we... view more / comment

  • Alternate zip code for international orders?

    Brian Filko 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Follow Can I use an alternate zip code for international orders? view more / comment