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  • Available Stock display during Purchase Order Creation

    Mason Young 0 votes 0 comments

    It would be VERY helpful to have the Available Stock column display when creating a PO. Currently you need to have two screens open to see what the Available Stock is for an item. [ view more | comment ]

  • Update an order via API

    Eric Schaberg 0 votes 0 comments

    Hey Shipping Easy, I'm using your API to create orders and pull out status information when it ships which all seems to be working pretty well.  However, it doesn't appear there is a way to update an address of an unshipped package via the API.  Could you please add that ability as it seems to be basic and necessary functionality? Thanks, Eric   [ view more | comment ]

  • Company Field in .NET CreateOrder API Call

    Eric Schaberg 0 votes 0 comments

    Hey ShippingEasy, I'm using the .NET API library to get orders in/out of ShippingEasy.  I noticed in the CreateOrder call the Recipient object doesn't have the Company field.  Could you please add this to the object model? Thanks, Eric [ view more | comment ]

  • Purchase Order Organization

    Jodie Shorette 0 votes 0 comments

    I would love to be able to organize the items in my purchase order by dragging and dropping. I know products with the same name stick together, but since our sizing isn't alphabetical it makes it confusing for our vendors and for us when checking in orders etc. [ view more | comment ]

  • Purchase Order Columns

    Jodie Shorette 0 votes 0 comments

    I would love to be able to see the "low stock threshold" column along with the "awaiting on inventory" column when creating a purchase order so that I know how much I need to order to cover the threshold. [ view more | comment ]

  • Unauthorized Charge

    Barbara Clay 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I AM FURIOUS!  My Paypal account was just charged $37.28 and I've never used your services.  I want that transaction credited IMMEDIATELY!   FURTHERMORE, in speaking with Jack Ship, the Shipping Easy rep, I was told that I would have a FREE ACCOUNT for LIFE.  I want this resolved yesterday! [ view more | comment ]

  • Make Negative Inventory Numbers Easier to See

    Mason 0 votes 1 comment

    As the negative sign "-" can be easily missed when viewing inventory information It would be very helpful if negative numbers could show in red. If that is not possible put in parenthesis e"(-1)" or "(1)". [ view more | comment ]

  • Double Charged and no way to get help!

    chris 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I just got an invoice from UPS.    It turns out they are charging me when I already paid for the label on shipping easy! I've spent an hour trying to figure out how to talk to support to figure out what happened and why shipping easy charged me and then UPS is charging me same amount!   I need help. [ view more | comment ]

  • Syncing changes in order tags

    Cynthia Mercado 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I am on Shopify and I have an app to manage order status.  For example, when a customer first places an order the order tag is "processing", then that order status changes to "Sent Proof".... a few days later it will be "Proof approved", etc..  When an order first syncs to ShippingEasy, the order tag says "processing" but when I change that order status to "Proof Approved" a day later, the tag in ShippingEasy still says &qu... [ view more | comment ]

  • How to edit weight on return shipping label?

    Megan 0 votes 3 comments

    Hi, I am creating a return label for a customer who bought many items and is now only returning 2. The weight of the return is significantly less than the original shipment. When I try to edit this in the label before paying, I'm not able to add the label to the cart and the price is $0. Help! (image attached - it was originally 14lbs, I changed it to 2lbs and now I can't proceed) [ view more | comment ]

  • Description 2 for items

    Cassie Semler 0 votes 1 comment

    It would be helpful to have a Description 2 field for products. This would provide additional info for our warehouse when picking orders.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Products by Store

    Cassie Semler 0 votes 0 comments

    It looks like the request to be able to search products/run reports by store was requested back in 2016 but nothing has happened...This is essential for many businesses...Any update?? [ view more | comment ]

  • Reports by Store

    Cassie Semler 0 votes 3 comments Answered

    We would like to be able to run any report by store...We thought this was something in the works but we have not seen anything yet.  This would be a HUGE help and maybe prevent us from having to switch companies as we grow...We are getting close to that point. [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping Easy Return Add-On

    Jason 0 votes 1 comment

    I'd love to see Shipping Easy create their own returns page add-on. So customers or shop owners can initiate a return, process the return, and refund via Shopify. No one has a good one and there are so many Shopify stores out there that could save time by automating their returns process.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Unable to purchase shipping label

    patty 0 votes 2 comments Answered

    We haven't been able to purchase our shipping labels for about a week now.  We go through the process to purchase but when we get to the "Ready to Print" window, we see this message: This is the error message we've received back from USPS: LABEL FAILED! Invalid SOAP message due to XML Schema validation failure. The '' element is invalid - The value '10011-2471' is invalid according to its datatype 'htt... [ view more | comment ]

  • Ad information to Product History Page

    Randy Boadway 0 votes 1 comment

    Please add to the Product History chart a column that includes the Product Inventory Level after the transaction is complete.   This will allow users to better research inventory challenges on their own.   [ view more | comment ]

  • Label Refund

    Gene Strelkov 0 votes 2 comments Answered

    Hello. I created a USPS Return Label for a customer, but they never returned, and the label hasn't been used. I tried to cancel the label for refund, but I got an error message. I started to look into deadlines, and it appears that there is 30 day deadline for a USPS refund.  Is there anything than can be done if the label still hasn't been used, but it's been over 30 days? Also, what could be done in the future, to avoid something like this? I give clients 30 days to retu... [ view more | comment ]

  • auto refill of postage

    Stephanie Turek 0 votes 2 comments

    When Shippingeasy switched to, my auto refill of my postage stopped.  How do I fix that? [ view more | comment ]

  • font of the new label

    Stephanie Turek 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    When Shipping easy switched to, the font on the label prints out too large.  How can I switch the font size back? [ view more | comment ]

  • Can't access my account.

    Meghan Bowen 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I was processing orders just now and got through a few when the site took me to the billing page and prompted for updated credit card information. I added a new card but am unable to access my account.        [ view more | comment ]

  • Stop double-sided printing

    Cassie Ross 0 votes 2 comments Answered

    Anyone else have trouble with packing slips automatically printing double sided when you print multiple orders? It only happens when we use ShippingEasy/ConnectEasy to print the packing slips and I can not find where to change this setting. This is a problem because we need to send packing slips to each customer & two separate customers can not share one packing slip. I have looked within the print settings in Firefox and our system preferences, but nothing is showing ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Missing funds from postage balance

    Unique Hutchinson 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Yesterday on 4/3/19, I attempted to ship to orders and only one label was able to process. The other kept rejecting. I soon realize that there was an issue on the endicia postage side which was causing this. I should of had the $8 dollars and cents available to send this label after the problem was rectified on your providers end. But nevertheless my funds are incorrect and showing only .3 cents now. I ultimately sent the package of through my shopify shipping. Can you loo... [ view more | comment ]

  • USPS-> Endicia itial setup

    Mark Levis 0 votes 3 comments Answered

    I entered all my info for the creation of USPS and it created an Enidica account. I can not login to Endicia as it was "Welcome Mark | logout" next to "my account" when I login but the login / username and password still show on the screen and clicking anything removes "welcome Mark: and it goes back to login. In Shipping Easy it has Endicia disabled and reconnect. I try to reconnect and it fails. Down below  Account #xxxxxx has been suspended. Ple... [ view more | comment ]

  • Zip code ERROR since intergration!!!!

    Solracceg 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Since the integration a few days ago, my ship from address has my ZIP Code as 37013-1823-1823.  I can't ship anything now because I can't change the double number on my ZIP Code (1823).  It should say 37013-1823.  When I go to print, it is giving me an error saying that can't find that ZIP Code.  I never got this till a few days ago.  If I go into my addresses within shipping easy, and eBay, my ZIP Code is correct.  For some reason it is getting changed and in a... [ view more | comment ]

  • Orders not syncing between Ecwid and Shippingeasy?

    Sophia Chen 0 votes 1 comment

    I've read a handful of posts and tried everything before reaching out to you guys..   What is the average time frame for this? What is going on? Why wont it sync?   I guess the questions can go on and on... Any assistance would be appreciated! [ view more | comment ]

  • No Re-Order

    MMBP 0 votes 1 comment

    We have active items that cannot be reordered.  We need a way to designate an inventory item that cannot be reordered so that it does not create a line item on the replenishment report. Our replenishment report is choked up with hundreds of items that can't be reordered, but are still in stock and aren't ready to be set as "inactive" status. [ view more | comment ]

  • Map StitchLabs "Order Tag" field to "Tags" field in ShippingEasy

    Melissa Wert 0 votes 1 comment

    We want to categorize orders from StitchLabs using their "Order Tags" field, but it does not map to any field in ShippingEasy yet.  Could you map this field to the "Tags" field for orders in ShippingEasy? [ view more | comment ]

  • Internation Shipping Error Message

    Preston Mayon 0 votes 2 comments

    What does this message mean?    LABEL FAILED This is the error message we've received back from USPS: Invalid rate. Declared value must be $400 or less [ view more | comment ]

  • Faire Integration

    Amy Davis 0 votes 1 comment

    We would love to see integration with Faire! [ view more | comment ]

  • Keyboard Shortcut for Quickship

    Andrew Calvarese 0 votes 1 comment

    Please make keyboard shortcuts for Quickship New Label and Return Label from the main page. It would cut a lot of time out of my work day. :)   Alt+N and Alt+R? [ view more | comment ]

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