Shopify integrates directly with ShippingEasy. Shopify is a platform for selling your products, which makes it easy to receive orders and ship them to your customers. ShippingEasy will automatically send queries to read the orders from your Shopify account and then load them into our application. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to your Shopify store.

Shopify Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live Shopify U.S. store.

  • The following versions of Shopify are supported: Shopify Basic, Plus, Business, Professional, and Unlimited.

Order Requirements

  • Unfulfilled Order Status: ShippingEasy is only able to sync "Unfulfilled" orders.

  • Shopify Manual Orders: Orders added to Shopify manually can sync to ShippingEasy, as long as the order was initially added into Shopify with both a Shipping and Billing address.

  • Required Shipping: ShippingEasy will only sync orders containing products that require shipping. ShippingEasy will not sync orders that contain only digital products. If an order contains both digital and physical products, then ShippingEasy will only sync the physical line items that require shipping.

  • Manual Fulfillment: Shopify allows fulfillment to be configured on a product level, but ShippingEasy will only sync line items containing products with a "Fulfillment service" set to "manual".

  • Formatted Phone Number: If there are spaces in the phone number of the order you are trying to sync from Shopify, the order will not sync. You will need to remove the spaces to have no spaces and can replace those with dashes to sync your Shopify orders.

  • Complete Shipping Address: If the shipping address is missing, incomplete, or part of the address is in the wrong line, the order will not sync. You will need to adjust or correct the address, to sync your Shopify orders.

Connect a Shopify Store to ShippingEasy

How to connect your Shopify to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select Shopify from the Platform dropdown menu, and add your Store URL.



    Log into your Shopify account and copy/paste the URL from the address bar; remove all text after .com.

  2. You will be prompted to log into your Shopify account to complete the setup.

That's it! Your store is connected to ShippingEasy!

Shopify Order Data

Shopify Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's Shopify integration supports the following features and order data fields:

Supported Order Statuses

Shopify order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

Shopify status

ShippingEasy status

Unpaid and Unfulfilled

Awaiting Payment

Paid and Unfulfilled

Awaiting Fulfillment


Not Supported

The statuses Shipped, Cancelled, and Not Completed will not sync into ShippingEasy.

Shopify Orders - Personally Identifiable Information

Shopify defines Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as information that alone or combined can uniquely identify an individual. Apps that you install from the Shopify App Store can access different types of PII when they use information about your store, customers, orders, or other business data.

There are four types of PII that an app can access:

  1. Your customers' personal information, which includes contact information such as name, email address, phone number, and address. Apps that deal with orders, fulfillment, or shipping also require access to location information (such as IP address and geolocation), and user agent information (such as the browser and operating system).

  2. The Shopify store owner's personal information, which includes all contact information for the store owner, including name, email address, phone number, and addresses of all locations.

  3. Staff personal information, which includes all contact information for staff, including name, email address, and phone number.

  4. Content provider personal information, which includes information about blog authors or commenters (including email address and IP address), and user agent information (such as the browser and operating system).

When the ShippingEasy app is installed, you will see the information that ShippingEasy will be able to access.

'ShippingEasy will be able to access personally identifiable information about your customers, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical locations, geolocations, IP addresses, and browser user agents.'

You can revoke access to data by uninstalling the app. This sends a request to ShippingEasy developers (after 48 hours) to erase all of your customers’ personal information the app collected while it was installed.

ShippingEasy will email to inform you that the data will be redacted and your ShippingEasy account is not cancelled because of this action.

If you reinstall the app, we will remove your customers' information from the redaction queue.

Shopify Integration Notes

Order Updates

  • Shopify automatically sends shipment notifications to your buyers after orders are updated as shipped. If you also have email notifications enabled in ShippingEasy, your customer will receive two shipment notifications.

  • When a Shopify order is shipped in ShippingEasy, ShippingEasy will send an update to Shopify with the shipment details. This shipment update triggers Shopify to send the customer confirmation to your customer. So the record in Shopify means that the shipment update from ShippingEasy prompted Shopify to send the email. However, ShippingEasy did not actually send the email.

  • For orders that were placed indirectly, typically via a Shopify application (for example, something like ReCharge), Shopify does not send a shipment notification email by default.

    If you want Shopify to send shipment notification email messages for orders that were placed indirectly, check the box in ShippingEasy for the Request that Shopify send a shipment notification to the buyer:

  • If an order has been updated after it has been synced in ShippingEasy, some changes will update to ShippingEasy. For a list of what changes will update, see our article Edit Orders in Store - Changes that Update to ShippingEasy | FAQs.


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