Allow user data from Store integration to replace existing INV, PO, REF, DEPT on FedEx/UPS Shipping Label


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The request is to allow user data (our use is via the Shopify Integration) to appear on the shipping Label where presently 4 fields are shown: INV, PO, REF, DEPT under the recipient's name/address/phone#. This could be facilitated via the Shopify order.notes_attribute array of key/value pairs that ShippingEasy could search for specific keys that match the field prefixes (e.g. INV, PO, REF, DEPT) and use the value to put on the label.

Our use case: We accept 3rd party order info into a Shopify store and save the original customer's order and 3rd party PO # in the notes of the Shopify order. (specifically, in the order.note_attributes key/value pair). We would like the ability to have these values placed on the Shipping Label (currently FedEx is of interest) in the "INV" & "PO" field on the Shipping label. Presently, only the fixed options shown in the 1st link above are available.

The Shopify order "number" (order.number) comes thru as the ShippingEasy Order Number (which could be duplicated across multiple stores), and the Shopify "name" ( with our store-specific prefix, comes thru as the "Alternate Order Number" in ShippingEasy. Neither of these are of any value, nor are recognizable to the end customer and thus not needed on the Shipping Label.  Thus the need to be able to pass Shopify from the proposed notes_attribute field into the PO, INV, and if possible the other 2 fields, on the shipping label.

Thank you for your consideration.

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