add the additional line for the customer reference number on FedEx and UPS label


Dear Support Team,

We need reference PO line information shown on UPS and Fedex labels. When we ship out multiple orders a day for multiple customers, it's important to be able to use this reference information to identify given orders.  Additionally, many of our third party billing customers require reference PO # information in the reference lines via label so that they can identify the PO numbers and charges on their Fedex or UPS bills.

Can you please fix this issue for us?

Thank you for your professional help.



[redacted for privacy]

Official Comment

Hi Linda, 

At this time, we don't have a specific release date for this feature but it is on our team's list to consider for prioritization. I've gone ahead and logged your support of this as well. As we already have a running thread regarding this feature request, please feel free to comment/like/follow on this thread.

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