Print Amazon Purchase Order Numbers on my documents | How To

Amazon requires that all Business buyer orders show the Purchase Order Number (PO#) printed on both the shipping label and the packing slip.

Business buyers use packing slips to reconcile each order and the PO# to route and track packages.

Shipping Labels

ShippingEasy will automatically append the PO# in front of the Order Number on One Balance Domestic labels. For UPS and FedEx, follow the additional steps below to add this number to the label.

Packing Slips

ShippingEasy can print packing slips before or after you generate a shipment for an order. You will need to set up a template before you can customize your packing slip to include a PO#. To set and customize a default packing slip, follow our step-by-step guide.

Print Amazon PO#s on UPS and FedEx Shipping Labels

For UPS, scroll down to the UPS Domestic Label Options.

Select "Amazon PO#" in either the REF1 or REF2 field.


For FedEx, scroll down the FedEx Label Options.

Select "Amazon PO#" in either the REF, INV or PO field.


Now all of your Domestic labels will include the Amazon PO#.

Print Amazon PO#s on Packing Slips

After you set your packing slip template, follow these steps to add the PO# variable:

  1. Locate the packing slip template you want to update and click the name.



    You can save a packing slip template that corresponds to a specific store.

  2. Select the Amazon Purchase Order Number variable in the editor. Typically the variable will look like this: {{shipment.amazon_purchase_order_number}}


    Once added you can preview your packing slip via the grey Preview button.

  3. click the blue Update button when you are satisfied with the results.



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