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I didn't notice that I was just 1 over the shipment...but in the middle of compiling the labels into a pdf batch for printing, it stopped loading. So I tried refreshing or clicking to other part of the site. I was then locked into the account setting saying I met my 50 quota. I would have canceled one shipment if I could, but out of time and desperation to ship everything out today I switch to basic to get the pdf finished and I couldn't access any part of the site to even get the labels. I really do not need the basic $29 as this was a one time massive shipments. And I was just one shipment over which I could have just got a the USPS website.

Was there another option when the pdf compilation freezes up like that or a warning to cut back on my 50 shipment or was I forced into subscribing to access the site again?

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Great news! If your account is locked out for printing more than 50 labels and you are not ready to upgrade, you now can access your Shipment History page through a link on the Subscription and Billing page.

Use this to access your tracking numbers and view orders you have shipped within the app.

Note: if you attempt to click away from the Shipment History page to any other page, you will be redirected back to the Subscription & Billing page.

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Hi Poyoyo Studio - Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Our team has been brainstorming ways to best handle situations when our Starter subscribers hit their monthly quota but still require access to their Shipment History. You present an interesting (albeit frustrating) scenario where your batch tipped the limit. It sounds like this prevented you from accessing the labels that you had just purchased so you were unable to print them? I'd love to confirm the details of your situation so that I may properly escalate it to our Product Team.

I assure you, our intent was not to force you into upgrading your account. However, it also appears that you were mid-month (subscriptions do not follow calendar months, but rather start at signup and/or the date you upgrade to the Basic plan) when you hit 50 shipments, so staying locked out of your account for a week or more would have prevented you from using ShippingEasy to ship any other orders you received during that time.

Now that you have upgraded to Basic, you'll reap the benefits of the upgrade for the rest of the month. Learn more about the additional features available on the Basic plan.

You'll also notice lower prices on your Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express postage. Learn more about the rates offered via ShippingEasy.

If you do not expect to see a sustained increase in volume, you can request that your account be downgraded at the end of your billing cycle. Learn how to downgrade.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding the details of your recent lockout so that I may create an escalation ticket with our team. We'd love the opportunity to test the scenario and begin work on a solution.

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I'm also experiencing this right now and very frustrated I cant access my history. Those have already been purchased and I need to access them.

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Hi Meghan,
I see you contacted our Customer Success team here as well.
Our Starter plan does currently lock your account when you hit 50 shipments, however we understand that the ability to see your Shipment History during this time would be useful. Rachael has informed our Product Team directly of this request. Thanks for your feedback!
Please let us know if you have further questions!

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