What rates does ShippingEasy offer on USPS shipments?

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ShippingEasy offers a range of solutions for all size businesses. No online shop would be complete without fast, affordable shipping options. For maximum impact, every ShippingEasy subscription comes with a free Endicia account. With great commercial discounts on USPS postage, you're primed for success! Learn more about Endicia.

ShippingEasy subscribers can purchase postage for the following USPS services:

First Class Package Service, Media Mail, and Parcel Select Ground services get Commercial Base (CBP) rates. Learn more.

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates depend on your subscription plan. Lookup your plan.

  • Paid subscribers (on the Basic and above plans): access Commercial Plus (CPP) rates. Without a qualifying account, CPP requires annual volume more than 50,000 shipments to qualify. Learn more.
  • Free subscribers (on the Starter plan): access Commercial Base (CBP) rates on all services. Learn more.
    TIP: if you subscribed to the Starter plan, you can save even more on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services by upgrading your account. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading.
To compare Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP), view our USPS rate tables.


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