How can I see details of what orders shipped?


I'm locked out because I Sent 51 labels, and now I'm unable to see previous orders or access any account details.

I need to verify details on some orders, how can I do this?

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Great news! If your account is locked out for printing more than 50 labels and you are not ready to upgrade, you now can access your Shipment History page through a link on the Subscription and Billing page.

Use this to access your tracking numbers and view orders you have shipped within the app.

Note: if you attempt to click away from the Shipment History page to any other page, you will be redirected back to the Subscription & Billing page.

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Hi DJ,
Our team has been brainstorming ways to best handle situations when our Starter subscribers hit their monthly quota but still require access to their Shipment History, however we do not currently workaround for this.
Currently, the only way to access that data will be to upgrade, or wait until your next billing cycle starts. It appears your next billing cycle starts November 23.
There are many benefits to upgrading to the Basic plan including lower prices on your Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express postage, access to our Customer Success team, and reporting features. If you do not expect to see a sustained increase in volume, you can request that your account be downgraded at the end of your billing cycle.
I will let our Product Team know you are interested in read-only access to your Shipment History while your plan is locked- thanks for the feedback!

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