Add Archive Order Feature (or recast Clear Order)

I would love for you to convert your "Clear Order" feature into an "Archive" feature, so that those orders are never lost. The other option is to add a new action for "Archive" order. The use case is this:
I have a supplier network that drop-ship for me. I own the customer and sell to the end customer, but my supplier drop-ships to them, so I do not do the shipping for all of my orders. BUT, I use your Packing Slips to send to my supplier/drop-shipper and they include that in their package to my customer, so it looks like my company shipped it.
I would like to be able to reprint or resave a packing slip from that order, but if I clear it to get it out of my queue as it has been processed....I lose it.

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Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your post! We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Based on the information you provided, it sounds like marking your orders as shipped (drop shipped) in ShippingEasy would be best suited for your needs.

When you mark your orders as shipped, they will be moved to your Shipment History page where you can still reprint packing slips for them. This will also send an update to your store indicating the order has been shipped.

This guide explains more about marking your orders as shipped:
How to: Mark an order as shipped

Thank you.


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