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Make shipping communications among team members a huge time and frustration saver by enabling an option to add more detailed "per customer packaging information". 

ie, when a label is printed, information on the label shows that the customers' order is to be shipped in a small bubble mailer. This info would have been input by the team member that chooses the shipping criteria for each order. Then the Order Processing team member knows what to pack the order in.

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Hi Dodi, 

Thanks for your post! The custom label options available will not be able to be based on individual orders. What we can do is create a custom Packing Slip that includes that shipment variable 'Packaging'  and this will display the package selected for that customer's order.

How are the variables on my Packing Slip templates mapped?

How to: Create a custom Packing Slip Template and save it to your settings

We can then even set the label output format to include the label and the packing slip on a single sheet!

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