We only ship BOOKs, so I want to eliminate MERCH option.


We only ship BOOKs, so we want to eliminate MERCH (and all other) option.

Is this possible to set BOOKs as sa default, so we don't have to 

print the labels says other than BOOK. Thank you

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Hello Kaz!

Thanks for posting to our community. If you are in the business of education, the USPS has a smart service for you: Media Mail. This is a USPS service for shipping books and education material inexpensively.

If you'd like this to be set as the postage service automatically, you can use Shipping Rules to apply a Shipping Preset that you create.  Once the preset is created, you can create a rule based on an IF statement based on an SKU, or SKUS assigned to a specific Product Category, Please follow the links below to help create the product category and then use rules to assign that:

Create a Product Category | How To

How does the Product Category rule work?

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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