UPS International Customs Forms


Hello!! I've noticed with UPS international shipments there is a separate customs form that must be attached to the package in addition to the label.


However, this customs form doesn't automatically print when I print the labels


I have to go into shipment history and print the customs form from each individual order.

I talked to customer service and they explained that the customs forms are filed electronically for some countries, and others need to be printed (with absolutely no notification of this in the app at all); but the customs forms can only only only be printed from shipment history, there is absolutely no option to have them printed with the labels and packing slips.

I request adding the option to print the UPS international customs forms when you print the labels and packing slips; having to do several additional steps to get them printed is definitely the opposite of "shippingeasy".

Don't even get me started with having to make an entirely separate account to post this request!!!!


In addition, we need to be able to include our Tax ID/EIN/VAT No for the commercial invoice form Bobbie is mentioning. A signature would be helpful too.

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Thanks for posting to our forum. At this time, we don't have a specific release date for this feature but it is on our team's list to consider for prioritization. I've gone ahead and logged your support of this as well. As we already have a running thread regarding this feature request, please feel free to comment/like/follow on this thread.

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