Separate international shipment label and customs forms printer options


When shipping with FedEx for international shipments, we need the ability to print customs forms from a different printer than the 4x6 thermal that's being used to print the labels.  As it stands currently, the only way to complete a shipment if you're using FedEx is to print the thermal label, go into settings, change it to a regular printer, print the customs forms twice, and then go back into settings to switch the printer back.  This workflow is unusable in it's current state.

Additionally, seeing as it's a requirement by FedEx to have two commercial invoices per international shipment, it would be nice to be able to have it print two automatically, instead of having to go in and hit print twice.  

And the final point is that we should be able to set a setting for the customs forms to print automatically.  Every international shipment requires them, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to have to go in after the fact and print them separately.  


Great idea - I can see how that would be helpful with your current work flow. I have added it to the list of features for the developers to review. Thanks again for this great request!

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