ShippingEasy Plan and Current Monthly Label Use | Guide

ShippingEasy offers a range of subscription plans to fit businesses of all sizes. Learn more about available plans.

Each plan includes a limited number of shipments or labels for each billing cycle. The total is the sum of:

  • purchased labels: these are orders that are shipped. Unshipped orders do not count towards label use.
  • drop-shipped orders: these are orders that are marked as shipped. Learn how to mark an order as shipped.

If you exceed your plan's shipment limit for the billing cycle, you will need to upgrade in order to continue shipping. Learn why an account would be automatically upgraded.

To stay on top of your label use, your total shipments for the month can be tracked on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. If you are not sure what your plan is, this is the place to check for that, too!

To view your current plan type and month-to-date label use:

  1. To upgrade your plan, navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in your account.
  3. A summary of your subscription and label use is shown on the Plan Selection tab under the "My Subscription Summary" section.


    To find your current plan:

    Your plan will be listed to the right of Plan Type. The monthly cost of this plan will be shown as well.

    To find your label use for the current billing cycle:

    On the right, you will find a progress dial that shows your Current monthly label use*.

    A month is tracked as a billing cycle from the start of your last payment date. The month will restart on the date noted to the right of Next Payment.

    *As of August 14th, 2019, new ShippingEasy accounts can import FBA shipment volume, for no extra cost. For accounts created before August 14th, 2019 FBA shipment volume will count towards monthly label use. Reach out to ShippingEasy's Customer Success team if you have concerns.


If you have problems that require extra assistance, please reach out to our team.



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