ShippingEasy Plan and Current Monthly Label Use | Guide

ShippingEasy offers a range of subscription plans to fit businesses of all sizes. Learn more about available plans.

Each plan includes a limited number of shipments or labels for each billing cycle. The total is the sum of the following:

  • Purchased labels: these are orders that are shipped. Unshipped orders do not count toward label use.

  • Drop-shipped orders: these are orders that are marked as shipped. Learn how to mark an order as shipped.

If you exceed your plan's shipment limit for the billing cycle, you will need to upgrade to continue shipping. Learn why an account would be automatically upgraded.

To stay on top of your label use, your monthly total shipments can be tracked on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. If you are unsure what your plan is, this is the place to check for that, too!

View Current Plan Type and Month-To-Date Label Use

  1. The Plan Selection tab under the "My Subscription Summary" section summarizes your subscription and label use.

    Subscription Plan summary page

    To find your current plan:

    Your plan will be listed to the right of Plan type. The monthly cost of this plan will be shown as well.

    Plan type and price is marked.

    To find your label use for the current billing cycle:

    You will find a progress dial on the right that shows your current monthly label use*.

    Shipped this month graph on Subscription and billing page

A month is tracked as a billing cycle from the start of your last payment date. The month will restart on the date noted to the right of the Next Payment.

FBA Shipments Do Not Count Toward Label Use

As of August 14th, 2019, new ShippingEasy accounts can import FBA shipment volume for no extra cost.

For accounts created before August 14th, 2019, FBA shipment volume will count towards monthly label use. Contact ShippingEasy's Customer Success team if you have concerns.

Available Add-Ons

The cost for adding Users, Customer Marketing and Bring Your Own Carrier varies by plan type.

Available addon section highlighted

Your add-on cost will be adjusted when if you are automatically upgraded.

Automatic Plan Upgrades

Your ShippingEasy account seamlessly grows with you as your business grows. To help you stay on top of your shipping volume, we'll send notifications if you are nearing your plan limit, alerting you to the possibility of an upgrade if and when you go over.

Accounts are checked each morning, and notifications are sent when accounts reach 90% of their volume limit. This breaks down to the following shipment amounts per plan:



Shipment Limit



25 Shipments



200 Shipments



500 Shipments



1500 Shipments



3000 Shipments



6000 Shipments



No Shipment Limit

Free Accounts:

You will receive an email notification when your account nears the plan limit.


Subscribers on the $5 Starter plan will automatically be upgraded if they exceed 50 shipments.

Paid Accounts

ShippingEasy will automatically upgrade you to the next plan as your shipment volume increases. Unless you downgrade for the following month, your account remains on the upgraded plan.

You will receive a pro-rated invoice with the additional upgrade fee (plus applicable taxes, if any) for the month, allowing you to keep your original bill date.

End of 30-day Free Trial Period

Once your 30-day free trial period is over, your account is automatically charged based on your shipping needs with the plan you selected.

If you still occasionally ship packages but not more than 50 per month, you can downgrade to our FREE plan.

If you want to stop using ShippingEasy, you can cancel using our step-by-step guide.


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