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ShippingEasy is 100% customer-led!

We are always looking for ways to improve the ShippingEasy app and our Support Center. We listen across all channels to ensure our development efforts are focused on the most important features and enhancements. Our Customer Success Advisors distill what they hear on the forums, chat, email, and phones daily.

If you have product feedback, share it with us in our Community forums!

Report a Bug

Bring attention to issues with existing features by posting to the Issues & Bugs forum.

Request a Feature

Requests for missing features can be added to the Feature Request forums. Our Product Managers monitor feedback to see what our users are most interested in, as well as prioritize the most requested features.

We have divided the Feature Request forum into five sections:

  • Productivity: Features, Interface & Settings

  • Shipments: Orders, Labels & Shipping

  • Partners: Integrations, Carriers & Stores

  • Marketing: Contacts, Campaigns & Reputation


Before submitting a new idea, double-check that no one has already requested it. Add your comments to an existing post to increase the likelihood that the idea will be prioritized for development.

As we make progress on new requests, we post updates. So, make sure that you follow the ideas you are interested in to stay up to date.

Ask a Question

If you have questions about any support documentation, let us know!

Explore our Knowledge Base

We have hundreds of articles written by our team of experts. While we try to anticipate all possible questions, sometimes we miss the mark. If you'd like clarification on any article, just leave a comment.

Ask a Question

Should you have a question that we haven't addressed in the Knowledge Base, post it to our Questions & Answers forum and one of our Customer Success Advisors will be happy to help!

Post to the Forums

It's easy to participate in the ShippingEasy Support Center. ShippingEasy uses third-party support software provided by Zendesk. You need to have a ShippingEasy account to participate in the Community forum.

If no one has requested your idea, then you'll want to create a new forum post. If someone has already submitted your idea, it's always best to add a comment to an existing post. This helps us see which ideas are most popular and creates an ongoing dialog between our customers and the Product Team. You can comment, vote and follow existing posts.

  • Commenting gives you a chance to express your ideas and helps our Product Team understand why a feature is important. If you leave a comment, you'll also receive an email anytime the post is updated.

  • Voting lets you show our Product Team that a feature is important without disclosing any personal information. If you vote, you'll also receive an email anytime the post is updated.

  • Following is the best option if you want to receive updates on the post without commenting or voting.

Monitor Support Center posts and support requests


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