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Right now, there is not a way to turn off Shopify shipment notifications for direct orders only for indirect orders from inside Shipping Easy. I only want Shipping Easy to send shipments notifications since my shipping updates and delivery email notifications in Shopify are turned off but for some reason, is does not bypass or signal to Shopify to not send the Shopify shipping notification that the shipment is on its way. I think this is confusing to the customer to receive two of the same shipping notifications, one from Shipping Easy and one from Shopify. 

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Hi Mark, 

Thank you for taking the time to post on our forum. When a Shopify order is shipped in ShippingEasyShippingEasy will send an update to Shopify with the shipment details. This shipment update triggers Shopify to send the customer confirmation to your customer. So the record in Shopify means that the shipment update from ShippingEasy prompted Shopify to send the email. However, ShippingEasy did not send the email.

You can turn off the ShippingEasy email notification or Shopify's notifications, 

Unfortunately, ShippingEasy cannot make adjustments to notifications sent by Shopify, only the notifications sent from our system.

However, Shopify does allow you to disable notifications on their end.

Disable a Notification - Shopify

Here is the ShippingEasy article that will go over confirmation emails. Turn Off Shipment Notifications in ShippingEasy

Have a great day!

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