Send a Shipment Confirmation Email | How To

Buyers love to know when their package is on its way! ShippingEasy offers automatic shipment notification emails to send customers their shipment and tracking details after a label has been purchased for their order. You can customize these emails with specific messaging tailored to your stores.

For drop-shipped orders, ShippingEasy will automatically send emails when the orders are downloaded but not when shipped or delivered. Your customers can only receive an email if they have provided an email address with their order.


ShippingEasy is unable to send notification emails for orders from the following stores:

  • Amazon

  • Jane

  • Reverb

  • Wish

For Amazon, shipment confirmation emails are sent automatically from Amazon once an order has been updated as shipped. However, ShippingEasy allows Amazon merchants to send automated campaigns to customers, boosting your reputation and increasing sales.

To configure your account to send shipment confirmation emails to your customers:

  1. This will bring up a screen that displays all of the stores you have connected to ShippingEasy.

  2. Click Edit store settings for the store that you would like to set up email confirmations.

    Edit store settings option highlighted under the Stores & Orders settings
  3. Go to the Notifications tab, then check the box next to Shipment Confirmation Email under Shipment Tracking Email Settings.

    If this box is not checked, your customers will not receive confirmation emails.

    Shipment confirmation email checked on Notifications tab on Stores & Orders page
  4. Expand the Select email template menu to choose a custom template. Learn more about creating custom email templates.

    select email template highlighted on Notifications tab on Stores & Order page
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page to update your settings.

Turn Off Shipment Confirmation Emails

You can update your notification settings for any store at any time. To disable shipment confirmation emails, uncheck the box next to Shipment Confirmation Email in your Notifications settings.

Shipment confirmation email unchecked on Notifications tab on Stores & Orders page

Resend a Shipment Confirmation Email

If you need to resend a shipment confirmation to yourself or your customer, you can do so from your SHIPMENT HISTORY page.

To resend a shipment confirmation email:

  1. Select the shipment(s) for which you would like to resend a shipment confirmation email.

    Shipment history with selected shipment marked
  2. Click the Resend/Retry button, then select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:

    • Resend Email to Myself: Send the shipment confirmation email just to yourself.

      Resend/Retry button dropdown with Resend email to myself marked
    • Resend Email to My Customer: Send the shipment confirmation email to your customer.

      Resend/Retry button dropdown with resend email to my ­customer marked

When Are Shipment Confirmation Emails Sent?

The timing of the shipment confirmation emails depends on whether or not you have post-dated the labels.

When labels are purchased on the Ship Date:

The shipment confirmation email is sent as soon as a label gets printed.

Click Buy Label in the Order Details slide out,

or select the green Print button on the READY TO PRINT page.

Print button under Purchased Labels

When labels are post-dated with a future Ship Date:

The shipment confirmation email will be sent on the shipment date. The hour & minute are determined by the hour & minute of the day you printed your label.

For example, if you print a label on Monday at 5:02 pm and post-date it to ship on Tuesday, we will send the confirmation on Tuesday at 5:02 pm.


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