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It is possible that ShippingEasy is doing something highly illegal. or something is seriously wrong with their website and its calculations.   When I create a label, and there is a buy now with a price tag on the button, I always write that down on my order sheet then click the button to buy.  What I just found because I had to go look at the shipment history page, all the amounts that they actually charged me for does not match the buy label button.  So essentially, I am agreeing to a specific amount when I click that buy button.  They are adding anywhere from 12 cents to over a dollar more for the label than what they showed on the buy button.  This is highly illegal.  When I click that buy button, I am agreeing to that amount.  You can't then change and charge whatever they want.    I even have video of it doing this.  Even on the confirmation page, it confirms the price that was on the buy button.  But if you go look at the shipment history page, the prices of what they charged you are different (always more).  Also, on these orders, I don't have any extra services like insurance that should be adding to the total.

Agan, either ShippingEasy is doing something highly illegal, or something is wrong with their website.  Either way, I don't know what they are charging me now since the figures are different.  I think I need to go look at the samps.com statement to see if that extra money is going to stamps.com, or is shippingeasy is skimming that money for themselves.

Either way something is not right, and ShippingEasy needs to answer for this before I get the authorities involved.  This potentially is stealing.  It better be a good answer.

Hopefully they don't just ignore this or make this post vanish.  Everyone should review what price is on the buy button, and what price you are actually charged in the shipment history.  If they are doing this to everyone, they are making a killing in illegal profits.

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Hi Scott, 

Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum. You can audit your postage transactions through Stamps.com. The article below will give you the step by step instructions. 

Download USPS Postage Purchase History - ShippingEasy How To

A member of our Customer Support team will reach out to ensure any other questions you have are answered. 

Have a great day.

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Just to give a few examples... It appears they are adding 80 cents to every order.  Not sure why.

Batch ID ...8374   Buy Button $9.68,  Shipment History shows $10.48.
Batch ID ...7924   Buy Button $8.12,  Shipment History shows $8.92.
Batch ID ...7554   Buy Button $11.55, Shipment History shows $12.35.
Batch ID ...7004   Buy Button $8.59,  Shipment History shows $9.39.

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Since no one from ShippingEasy Support will respond to this issue I brought up, that is VERY telling.   The fact they haven't even acknowledged this issue, or even tried to tell me I was wrong should tell you everything you need to know about this shady company.

I also think that either they are targeting me for speaking up, or something else is wrong with their rates, but since I posted this, my rates have gone up 3-4 dollars for USPS Priority Mail shipping to the same places I have shipped in the past for mostly under 10.  Now they are more than 13 dollars.  I know USPS had a rate increase, but not THAT much for Priority Mail.  

ShippingEasy should be called ShippingThieves.  I will be moving soon to ShipStation where they don't do illegal activity.

If I were someone reading this, I would look into this.  Don't take my word for it, look at your own history after making purchases, and/or compare to your previous shipping charges.  Hopefully you have written them down so you can see the discrepancy like I had.

Good Luck to you all!

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