Feature Request: Allow full customization of shipping presets rather than only some.


While you can default to have all orders have insurance on them. The system always forces you to select shippingeasy's insurance, rather than default it to the carriers.

Some companies like ours have greatly discounted rates + special coverage rules, which is why we use our carrier over the shippingeasy insurance program that we used for years.

While we can understand this is a revenue stream for SE. It also prevents our business from quick creating labels. Causing making each label for each customer a lengthier process.

One of the best features of SE is it's ability to streamline label making, but with a service that comes with a monthly added subscription, it would be advantageous for SE to allow us full customization of our shipping preferences so that we can cut our label making processes in half, if not more.

We have loosely been shopping around for integrations similar to SE that allows us this functionality. While being with the company for years, as a business that's going, we need to desperately cut down on processing times and something that seems so simple, likely isn't enabled in an effort for SE to make an extra buck on the insurance payment.

We would love to be able to have complete control of our default presets so that we could use the more streamline features of the platform.

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