Why can't the "Automatically refill my balance" just pay the required amount?


I've always had a huge issue with this auto-pay function.  If I'm checking out postages that is 20 dollars over my balance, then the order just gets kicked back because the system wasn't allowed to add more than the $10 that I told it to do it.  I refuse to have it add more than the $10 otherwise because there's zero fine control on the amount, and I don't want ShippingEasy to hold 20 or 30 or whatever dollar amount hostage.

Therefore, the whole "ease-of-use" with the auto-pay is destroyed because I have to go back to the cart and process the order one by one.  And IF I have the audacity to add the exact amount (that is over $10) to what is required by the balance, then the checkout bug still exists that sometimes refuses to acknowledge exact amounts.  So then I have to add another 10 dollars!  I know, I can just add a penny to the sum, but why is this broken in the first place?

I know it's additional coding and testing and ShippingEasy is always talking about improving the store with a UI refresh that wasn't really warranted.  But this payment feature is extremely inflexible.  Why not just make different payment arguments in the logic?  Or just have the system tabulate the required amount and just charge that?  


I like this idea.


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