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Where is the button to upload the company letterhead and electronic signature for the commercial invoice and other trade documents? Trying to ship using FedEx ETD to a country that requires letterhead. 

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Hi Gary, 

Thanks for taking the time to post! The letterhead has to be updated directly on FedEx.

Enable ETD in FedEx

  1. Log into your account on and go to the FedEx Ship Manager page.
  2. Next, click on Preferences.
  3. Under Customs Clearances Preferences, be sure to:
    • Select Always Create Commerical Invoice from the dropdown. 
    • Check the box next to Always print Commerical Invoice/Pro Forma Invoice on uploaded company letterhead. Click Upload to upload your company letterhead to FedEx. 
    • Check the box next to Always include uploaded signature on the applicable customs documents. Click Upload to upload your signature to FedEx. 
    • Check the box next to Enable Electronic Trade Document (ETD) Note: does not apply to return shipments.

We have updated this article to reflect the steps listed above.

Automatically send Electronic Trade Document (ETD) data to FedEx | How To

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