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I'm a bit frustrated that I can't even SEE my shipment history once I reach my shipment limit of 50 packages. 

It seems unreasonable and only a troll tactic to get much smaller businesses to upgrade. It's not like we can print anymore labels, so blocking us from seeing what we already shipped is ridiculous.


The amount of orders I receive per month is nowhere close to the 500 minimum, so the $30 is NOT worth it to me. I don't even get 100 orders a month. I just get 60 at the most. Why would I think about going for the upgrade when it's not worth it for my small business?


I will most likely switch to a different shipping site because of this strange rule.

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Great news! If your account is locked out for printing more than 50 labels and you are not ready to upgrade, you now can access your Shipment History page through a link on the Subscription and Billing page.

Use this to access your tracking numbers and view orders you have shipped within the app.

Note: if you attempt to click away from the Shipment History page to any other page, you will be redirected back to the Subscription & Billing page.

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Hello Christina - Thank you for voicing your feedback. I regret that this is a known bug with our current upgrade process; however, I assure you that our intention is not to force you to upgrade your account.

I have raised the matter with our Product Team and will urge them to take up a resolution as soon as possible.

In the meantime, unfortunately we'll be unable to provide your shipment history through our app until your billing cycle resets. However, you may be able to locate your order tracking data from your Storenvy store.

Storenvy also provides an EasyShip widget which can be used to purchase USPS postage at commercial discount rates. It may be a viable option when you near 50 orders for the month. Learn more about EasyShip for Storenvy.

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