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If I have a Shopify store set up with ShippingEasy to auto complete shipping orders once the orders are synced, is there currently a way to add a time delay(say 1 or 2 hours) from the time the order is synced into ShippingEasy to when that order is auto completed. I would like to maintain my auto complete capabilities, however I need there to be a delay from the time the order is synced, to the time the complete info is sent back to Shopify setting the order to fulfilled. Any help would be great thanks!


Good afternoon Jacob,

The InstantLabel feature is true to its name, Instant. We are going to fulfill the order as soon as it comes into the system, which is when the rules are run.

At this time we do not have any setting to delay that action. Now we could remove the InstantLabel function and just use the Buy Label button at the top of the Orders page when you are ready to process all the orders, that way you have control over the completion time.

Hope that helps!

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