Please let us print shipping labels with no postage.


We have a 3rd party shipper that handles our smallest packages that don't have tracking. They have to add postage there, and only need a label from us with address and return address. As of right now we're unable to print this with SE and have to use unprofessional looking work around. 

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Hi Sam, 

Thanks for taking the time to post in our community forum. Any label printed in ShippingEasy will have postage attached since we are primarily a package service, so this is not something that we are likely to implement.  

A solution may be to print the labels using a combination of a Word Document and a label maker like DYMO  or using label stock paper in a regular printer. 

If this ever changes and we do decide to offer this type of service, we will be sure to update this post, so you are made aware. 


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