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We integrate ShippingEasy with WooCommerce to ship our Biotech products to research labs. Sometimes customers provide specific shipping information (lab room, PO number, Reference number, etc.). Is there a way we can include the customer provided notes/comments to the shipping label for more specific shipment locations? 


PS. We used to add information to First/Last name fields, but our new CRM system will not allow this. 

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Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum. 

At this time, we don't have a specific release date for this feature but it is on our team's list to consider for prioritization. I've gone ahead and logged your support of this as well. As we already have a running thread regarding this feature request, please feel free to comment/like/follow on this thread.

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A delivery notes field would be great.  We have customers that provide specific delivery instructions and it would help tremendously to let the post office worker know when and where to drop off the boxes.

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