Support Rep - Need help retrieving older shipping history


Sent an email, but got canned response to use forum instead. Here's the email contents:

I ran my shop during 2020 and had a ShippingEasy paid account from 12/9/19 through 1/9/19. Since I closed the shop at the end of the year, I switched to the free basic plan on 1/1/19.

Now I find I have some gaps in costs for shipping paid on a handful of orders from Sept. - Dec. of last year (I didn’t recored them at the time of process on the order invoice). I can only see (currently) back to November.

And of course, REPORTS is no longer an option under the free plan.

Is there anyway I can get an Excel sheet of shipping history for Sept.-Nov. of 2020? I’ll be through with the books soon and that should cover my needs.

That would be a huge help in my year-end tax accounting.



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