Access label image without printing it first


To make it simple, we need to be able to: 

"Create Prepaid Return Shipment," go to "Ready to Ship," click "Buy," then go to the order and view the label IMAGE so we can download it and email it WITHOUT being forced to print it first. We have had to throw away so many labels because of this already.

I know you can have those emails automatically sent with the label to the customer, but we also MAIL envelopes with labels already attached to them. We do not want these customers getting the label image as well because it confuses them. Also, many customers miss the SE emails because they often just go to spam. Customers already get enough emails from us about their order statuses, we do not want to make them have to worry about emails from ANOTHER server.

Under "Ready to Ship" there is "Buy and Print" and "Buy." What is the purpose of "Buy" if it forces you to print it anyway? 


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