Print Amazon billed shipping labels through SE

Not planned

We like many others have stopped using SE labels in favor of Amazon billed labels to try to minimize losses that Amazon absorbs. The SE label with SKU/item name is extremely helpful. Logo nice but not mandatory, for us. Reading SE community re, this issue is confusing. I suggest combining the Amazon print connect file result with the SE label system and SE charging additional $.20 per label, or something. Then we would have decent looking useful label. Could include packing slip at the same time. As I understand it, some seller services are doing this now. Specific process unknown. 

In my idea, seller would send Amazon Print Connect to a file that SE system would recognize, and seller could then print. Customer data could not be recorder (or available for a limited time) to keep Amazon happy.

Official Comment

Thank you for taking the time to post on our forum. Unfortunately,  ShippingEasy is not able to print Amazon billed labels as Amazon sends ShippingEasy the label image. This keeps in line with the Amazon guidelines. 


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