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We use zebra thermal printers... and with UPS worldship they print instantly... with your "Quick! Print it" its very problematic... I assume its java based and relies on you to stay on the page you are on, and takes about 15-20 seconds to print the label (or if you click something or change the page, it wont print at all)... its actually faster to click send to print, then goto print queue then print it... so this needs to be sped up greatly. 

Why do you rely on java to save the printers... we have found your system saves the printers per computer, but causes a problem if you use multiple computers since its looking for the printer you setup on the original computer.. another problem.

Quick print should print right now without delay... There are too many queue's  order queue, then shipment queue, then print queue, you are in about 10 clicks to get one order to print... lets try to get that down to under 3... 10or so clicks per order is not that easy.



We hear you! We are working with our developers on making this a much faster experience. We also understand the need to allow a different printer per user and are looking into the work required for this.


Thanks for the feedback.



ShippingEasy Product Manager

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