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Add Manual Orders button to top Navigation, parse and paste pop up not needed each time you print, too many clicks to send to print:

When processing manual orders it would be faster to have the link at the top next to Orders in the Green Section rather than click on Orders, then Manual Orders each time I want to get back into it, it is an extra step to click on it each time rather than a direct link, I use Volusion to parse and paste the shipping address and a few seconds matters when doing many shipments. In the parse and paste option, the extra wait time waiting for parse pop up message to disappear saying each time I parse an order takes extra seconds that I could be continuing on with pasting information or completing it.   I only needed to see it the first time I used the option and it was obvious in the first place without the pop us showing each and every time.

Shipping my orders would be even faster if I didn't have to click so many times to first click send to print, then it verifies the address, then you click yes, then have to click send to print again when you click yes, it should go directly to print. 

Also, in parse and paste when there is a company name, it gets the first, last name and company name in the wrong order, I use Volusion, trying to copy and paste it one time into the parse and if I don't cut the email address it puts it in the address  #2 line instead of in the email section. Also, if a customer uses their middle initial it puts it in as the last name.

Correcting these few simple steps would make shipping so much faster and with less steps I would be onto the next order or done for the day, otherwise, I am so happy that I left stamps.com!

What else would help you ship faster?


Hi Maxine,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are definitely considering adding the Manual Orders button to the top level navigation. You'll be pleased to know we also have an integration on the way which will significantly improve the paste & parse element of manual orders in terms of functionality and accuracy.  We will also be looking at support for email address parsing.

The most difficult part of paste & parse is the variety of responses parsed back. We are not able to easily tell whether the company name or the first/last name has been provided so it assumes what has been provided. 

We are set on making manual orders as seamless as possible with as few clicks as possible to stay tuned! The first updates should be coming in the next few weeks.





ShippingEasy Product Manager

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Thanks for listening and taking quick action to address what we need to make shippingeasy.com even easier!  That is the whole point, right!  Maxine

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I spend the majority of my time in the "Ready To Ship " Module.  The majority of the orders I ship have orders that have been generated via Volusion. So I usually just type in the order # and select load.  BUT when I do come across an order that I need to create a manual order for I have to leave "Ready to ship" , go into orders, then select "add manual order" .   So it would be much faster to have "Add Manual Order" in the Green Bar.

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On 2014-06-17 we added "Quick Ship" to our green, top level navigation bar. Clicking "Quick Ship" from anywhere in the application displays the window that creates a manual order or shipment.


Gregg Sporar

Product Manager



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