Pick List is not available from Ready To Print page


Unfortunately, there's no way to print a Pick List from Ready to Print page. Right now it is only available from the Orders page which is a bit premature in my opinion. Orders list is not the finalized list if you will. Once orders are moved to Ready to Ship page, there maybe address issues etc, so some orders maybe put on hold and returned back to Orders page. As such, the Pick List becomes incorrect and will not match to what will be printed with the labels. Redoing the Pick List creates at this stage is a bit of a hassle. However, once the labels are created, then it is safe to assume the orders are good to go and finalized, which makes a much more reliable source for Pick List information.Thank you.

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This is now available - yay!
To print from the Ready to Print page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Ready to Print page
  2. Select the checkbox next to your purchased label(s) that you would like to create a pick list. Only labels that have not yet been printed will appear here.
  3. Select your shipments to include in the Pick list and in the drop down under "Print Selected" select Pick List. Or, you can select Pick List under the "Print All" drop down, and all of the purchased labels in the queue will be included.
  4. Your pick list will be created and made available for printing on the right of the READY TO PRINT screen.


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Hi Ilya,

Great suggestion. Although pick lists are used more for the purposes of picking before labels are created and shipments are packed, I can see how a different process such as yours would benefit from printing them from that page. I have forwarded your request for this to our Product Team. Please keep an eye on this thread for any possible future updates.

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