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I take pre-orders and have orders waiting up to a few months on my orders screen, how can I change the ship to address from this screen when a customer has a change of address, instead of faking a shipment, going to ready to ship, editing the ship to there, and cancelling the shipment?

Also in conjunction with this is there a way to cross check the "orders from my Shopify when I log in to easy shipping so that any address changes the customer makes in Shopify will show up with the corresponding order in Shipping Easy?


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Hi Shannon - Thank you for posting to our forums!

We've recently introduced tools to edit the addresses of your orders before you're ready to ship them. It's super easy - just follow the steps in our Knowledge Base guide:

Regarding updating changes from your Shopify store to ShippingEasy -

Currently this is not an option via our API with Shopify. We've been adding this function on a store by store basis and you can see which platforms current support this function here. While our Product Team does not have plans on the immediate horizon to add this for Shopify, you may be able to move it up the list by posting to our existing Community Forum thread:

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