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My ONLY complaint that has proven to be very inconvenient for shippers:

For those of us who utilize the free plan...once we max out our plan - we are NOT able to see existing tracking numbers. This is not ok. The USPS, as everyone knows, is a huge pain point and they are less than trustworthy. They have lost countless of my packages and when I need to retrieve a tracking number from Shipping Easy - I can't.

It makes no sense. I've paid for these labels and tracking numbers and I NEED to be able to access them anytime I want regardless if I'm maxed out or not.

I will continue to comment on this thread every single day until it's changed. Fix it.

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Great news! If your account is locked out for printing more than 50 labels and you are not ready to upgrade, you now can access your Shipment History page through a link on the Subscription and Billing page.

Use this to access your tracking numbers and view orders you have shipped within the app.

Note: if you attempt to click away from the Shipment History page to any other page, you will be redirected back to the Subscription & Billing page.

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Hello Jessica

Thank you for voicing your feedback. I have shared your frustration with our product team and I'm seeing if we can create an abbreviated Shipment History screen.  Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to access any tools in ShippingEasy once a Starter plan has hit 50 shipments for the billing cycle. Presently, the options are to (1) wait until the next billing cycle or (2) upgrade to the Basic plan.

Our team has been considering a way to allow unpaid customer to access shipment history without taking order actions if they are locked out of their account. I regret that we don't have a solution at this time but we are looking into options.

However, you may be able to find the tracking information that you need from your store platform - as ShippingEasy should be updating your tracking and shipment data to each of your stores. If you have a platform like Shopify or a marketplace like Amazon, you should be able to access this information on your store platform.

When we have another solution, we will post an update back to this thread.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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