Setting to postdate labels time for next day pickup


Please offer a dropdown box to select a time to automatically post date orders for the next day.

For instance, all orders after 12pm will postdate for the next day.

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Hi Trina, 


Thanks for your request. I have good news - we actually already offer this! Here are the steps to find that tool:

1. Navigate to your profile in ShippingEasy, located at the top-right of the app, where it says "Hello Trina".

2. Click "My Profile". 

3. You can then select a time you want to post-date labels each day next to "Automatically advance ship date after:". This means that for every label sent to the Ready to Ship screen on or after 12PM (based on your time zone that you've set in ShippingEasy), ShippingEasy will post-date the label for the next day. 


More info here: How to: Advance the Ship Date of Shipments

As far as a pickup goes, you'll still need to schedule that on the Ready to Ship screen. 

I hope this information is helpful! I'm glad we have the tool you need! 



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