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We need the ability to print product labels for incoming inventory. For anyone with more than a few dozen products the ability to label products is quite essential.

The label should have: SKU and Product Title at a minimum, a barcode of the sku would be good but not essential.

The printer should be one of the smaller Zebra models, using for example a 2" x 1" thermal label. Dymo would be OK in a pinch but Zebra's are better.

The two ways we see we'd actively use this:

A PO comes in, is received, and we click a 'Print all product labels' button to get a label for each of the items on the PO, for as many as we are receiving.

We call up a particular product from the inventory list, and have a 'print xx quantity product labels' option.

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Hi Phil & Galen, 

Thank you for your feedback. In addition to being able to print out these product labels would you also want to be able to scan them? This request sounds very similar to another one recently posted in our forums here:

If you would like to see the same level of functionality as described in this previous post I would ask that you please vote or comment on the post. Feedback helps us to learn how many customers are interested in each feature and prioritize what we should work on next. So, it is always good if we can consolidate requests into one single location. If your request is different however, please feel free to elaborate in this post so that we can track the request separately. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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I agree. This would be a great feature.  Especially if the label can print barcodes.

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UPDATE: ShippingEasy retired the Inventory Management subscription in June of 2020. Our Product Catalog stores a comprehensive list of the products you sell and allows you to add your product information to leverage product and SKU details to ship more efficiently. Learn more about our Product Catalog.

Existing Inventory Management subscribers will still have the ability to use the features specific to Inventory Management, however, we are no longer supporting new subscribers.

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