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Barcode Labels


Hi, I emailed support asking for help with printing barcode labels for inventory items. I was told that this feature is not available from ShippingEasy but that I should log in here and request it. So here I am. Please add the capability to print barcode labels to ShippingEasy. Thank you.

Gretchen Answered

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Hi Gretchen & Randy,

Thank you for your feedback. I've added a request to our inventory queue to be able to print and scan barcode labels for products saved in ShippingEasy. 

As of now, we are still accepting all requests and feedback before making decisions on the next features to focus on. We will direct any customers with similar requests to comment or follow on this post as well. Feedback helps us to learn how many customers are interested in each feature and prioritize what we should work on next.

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]




I too am interested in seeing bar code support for inventory items.  UPCA and EAN would be preferred formats.  Making this available on inventory reports would be useful.


Randy Boadway 0 votes

Yes that'd be a very handy feature. We've been looking at more robust systems that will handle product barcode printing.  

Galen Adams 0 votes

Hi Galen, 

Thanks for reaching back out. While we are still reviewing this request it is not on our immediate roadmap. Also as we near the busy holiday season we will go into a code freeze come late October/November, to ensure stability within our application. So, for these reasons I do not anticipate being able to commit to this request before the end of the year. I will update this thread again as more information becomes available. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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