Searching for product by name (rather than SKU) mostly doesn't work


I've been with ShippingEasy for about 5 years and I'm always thinking, surely with the next update the search will work! It seems like such a basic thing, but I couldn't find any posts about this.

In Inventory Management, only exact strings bring up results.

For example, if I search "cat socks," ShippingEasy will return no results, because my actual products are named "Cat and Heart Socks" and "Cat Sparkle Socks." The presence of any other word in between "cat" and "socks" means that the result does not come up for "cat socks."

There is no other search on any website that works like this! If I search "Constitution United States," I should certainly see "Constitution of the United States" in my results. 

Right now, if I want to find my cat socks, my options are:
- Search "cat" and scroll through dozens of products (or use "find" in my browser) to get to the socks
- Search cat socks in Amazon Manage Inventory and copy and paste the SKU into ShippingEasy

Neither of these are good.

Thank you.

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UPDATE: ShippingEasy retired the Inventory Management subscription in June of 2020. Our Product Catalog stores a comprehensive list of the products you sell and allows you to add your product information to leverage product and SKU details to ship more efficiently. Learn more about our Product Catalog.

Existing Inventory Management subscribers will still have the ability to use the features specific to Inventory Management, however, we are no longer supporting new subscribers.

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Hi Jennifer, 

Thank you for taking the time to post in our forum. We reviewed the account, and unfortunately, we are not seeing the same behavior you describe. If we search "cat socks" in the Product Catalog under Inventory, we pull 5 results. If we search "Cat Sparkle Socks" this returns 0 results.  

We realize that keeping track of hundreds, or even thousands of products in your inventory, can be a lot of work. In the meantime, we recommend using tools like Product Tags to help locate items easier. 

Think of a Product Tag as an attribute that you can assign to multiple Product SKUs. Unlike Product Categories, you can assign multiple Product Tags to a single Product SKU. 

Add Product Tags to Product SKUs | How-To

If there are any updates to how products can be searched, we will be sure to update this post. 

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Jennifer is 100% correct and accurately describes how the search works right now. In my opinion, this should be fixed.

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Hi Bria, 

Pardon me, "cat sparkle socks" was a fictional example. Here is a real one from my account. 

Searching "pot socks" brings up no results:

But here is the result it should have brought up:

That is, searching "pot socks" does not bring up a product called "pot monster women's socks."

I could give hundreds more examples, this is something that has affected my work every day for five years.

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Hi Jennifer, 

Thanks for the quick reply and actual examples from the account. This helps to give our team the information they need and can help with getting enhancements prioritized. 

I have included this on the product ticket. We will let you know if there are any updates. 

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