Updating order status on prestashop to "Delivered" when a package has been delivered


I would like this feature given that some emails are triggered on my website when i change the status order to "Delivered" (email marketing, review requests, etc).

I use prestashop and the shippingeasy module to connect my orders.

Currently orders automatically change to "shipped" - so I assume it wont be too difficult to have the module also change to "delivered'

Currently, I need to change them manually and its a hustle.

Let me know and thank you



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Hi Manuel, 

Thank you for taking the time to post in our community forum. At this time, we will not be changing how we update PrestaShop when an order is processed from 'shipped' to 'delivered.' 

We have a few options we can recommend.

First, the triggers for your PrestaShop emails can be modified, so emails are sent when an order has the status of 'shipped.'

The second option would be to utilize our delivery confirmation email. This gets sent to the customer automatically when the order has been delivered. 

How to: Send a Delivery Confirmation email when a package is delivered

Finally, our Customer Marketing feature allows you to schedule send Automated Campaigns to your customers. 

You can:

  • Choose how quickly the email is sent after the trigger action. Either Send Immediately or Wait and send a certain number of days that you specify.
  • Choose to trigger an email after an order is DownloadedShipped or Delivered

Customer Marketing - ShippingEasy Solutions | Overview

Schedule an Automated Campaign - Customer Marketing | How To

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