Orders page and how to edit item info on order


I am struggling with the Orders page and being able to edit items within an existing unshipped order.

I would think that my orders would show up on the Orders page but they do not. At least most of them do not. I create a manual order, fill in all the info, and click Create and Get Rate. My order shows on the Ready to Ship page but not the Orders page, even with no filters applied. Seems like it should be on the Orders page. What exactly shows up on the Orders page? How do I get an order to appear on the Orders page? But after I create the order, what if I want to go in and modify the item name, price, or weight of the item on the order? How do I do that? I cannot find out how to do that. If I open the order from the Ready to Ship page I can edit everything except the item info. I’ve searched for answers and found articles that say to find the order on the Orders page and edit it from there, but it isn’t on the Orders page. And the entry on the Ready to Shop page does not have anything I can see that allows editing the item info.


Hell there,

It sounds like the button being clicked when creating the order is Create & Get Rate. If you just need to send the order to the orders page to be shipped later you can click the Create Order button. 

That Create Order button will send those to your Orders page where the line items can be edited! 

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