Can't add $ to balance-WHY? Need to ship!


Im trying to add $ to my account to pay for labels. My credit card is good and current and the same listed I've been using all along. When I try to add money I get this: postage purchase failed because: Purchase failed. Account exception Exception with code 0x00560102; module 86, category 1, item 2


What can I* do? I need to ship for the holidays......Prompt attention to this appreciated. Thank you. 

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Thank you for taking the time to post in our forum. It looks like you may be in the wrong section to locate the information you need since this would not be a Feature Request. 

We recommend looking at the following resources:

Card Declined When Purchasing Postage | Troubleshoot

Verify the correct CC is on the One Balance account. Learn how to verify your credit card. If the correct CC is on file, contact Stamps at 1-888-434-0055. You will need the One Balance account information. Learn how to find your One Balance account credentials.

If you continue to run into errors, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team.

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I called VISA and you are billing an expired card. This is odd because I am selecting the current card. I even updated the card entering all the details again and your system is still trying to bill a card that expired two years ago whose data isn't even visible on my end. PLEASE attend to this promptly. The lack of actual tech support here i always daunting. 

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