Manual Order, Ship from Zip Code option


Sometimes you need to create a label from point A to point B that is not one of your registered store locations. USPS allows for a ship from zip code to correctly calculate the shipping rates. Unfortunately, the "ship from zip" setting is a global attribute set in the store's settings. I request this setting should be an option in the Manual Order dialog thus correctly calculating shipping rates in this use case. 

This would also allow us to create USPS return labels with no tracking thus saving money when that service is not needed. 

My assumption is users do this all the time, but are unaware that they are using the service incorrectly and therefore unknowing creating fraudulent shipments. 

My suggestion is run a tracking report of all manual shipments performed and see what percentage of these shipments were actually dropped off at the purchased zip code. My guess is a substantial percentage are not and thus most customers are unknowingly using this service incorrectly. Since it is taxing to change the zip code, on a per shipment basis, no user will be bother to make this change. 


Thanks for taking the time to post to our forum. We have forwarded your request to our Product team for further review. 

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