New (international shipping) user questions and bug reports


We currently use Easypost for all our shipping (via APIs), but we need access to GlobalPost for shipment of international large envelope flats. So we created an account here and have been poking around and have some questions we could not find definitive answers to...

1. Every destination we try for GlobalPost Plus says "Rate cannot be calculated: Destination Australia is not currently supported by GlobalPost GlobalPost Plus". Australia (and others) are specifically listed as supported ( It just seems to be broken.

2. When we try to select GlobalPost Economy we get this error every time: Rate cannot be calculated: 2 rates returned instead of 1. Request hash: {:from_zip=>"27617", :to_zip=>nil, :to_country=>"AU", :service_type=>"SC-GPE", :weight_oz=>1.0, :package_type=>"Thick Envelope", :length=>nil, :width=>nil, :height=>nil, :ship_date=>"11/17/2023", :content_type=>"Merchandise"}

3. One of our sales platforms is Ebay. When EU customers purchase on Ebay they pay VAT at the time of sale, and we get an IOSS number from Ebay. That number can (potentially) be different for each sale. There does not seem to be a way to enter the IOSS number when creating the order, tax IDs have to be pre-entered in the international shipping settings and then selected in the order. This is not workable, we need to just copy/paste the IOSS into the order and never worry if we selected the right one.

4. Does any GlobalPost service support DDP shipments with a tax ID (e.g. IOSS)? I see DDP options, but they are a chargeback to our account. Our customers (e.g. on Ebay) paid VAT at the time of sale and we want to use the GlobalPost large envelope shipping rate with an IOSS number for taxes already paid.

5. I agree with some other comments here that the workflow of creating an order, then buying the label is awkward and creates extra steps and potential errors. Let me just enter everything I need for a label (destination, customs forms, carrier/service) in one place and buy the label right there. I don't find the concept of an 'order' useful at all.

Gotta say, not impressed so far, but I also know there are learning curves for every system so hopefully we can make this work.


I should have browsed other topic in this forum and realized that ShippingEasy obviously does not pay any attention to anything posted here.

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