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Dear Support Team,

I would like to provide a suggestion regarding the application's functionalities, specifically concerning some issues that prevent certain features from working as intended.

While using the search history feature to locate an order,  a screen resembling the packing slip information is displayed. On this page, there is a 'duplicate order' button. However, I am encountering difficulty in transferring this duplicated order to the orders page. 

It is crucial for our specific workflows to have the option of moving orders to the orders page without the need to directly print the order. Currently, the only available workaround is to create an entirely new order, which seems like an unnecessary manual step.

As an alternative, I attempted a workaround by clicking 'add to cart' and then selecting the 'add to orders' button on that screen. Strangely, this button does not perform any action. I suspect that there might be a programming issue with the logic behind this button. My assumption is that the person who programmed this functionality may have overlooked the data transfer process and instead focused on clearing out the existing data.

It would greatly improve the user experience if there were a simple method to create a shipment from another order without being obligated to make a purchase and print the label.

I acknowledge that I may have overlooked a button or feature that addresses this issue. If there is indeed a solution or button that I have missed, I kindly request your assistance in identifying it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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