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I am requesting an addition to the "Export Pick List CSV - Selected Orders" function.

Can this please be updated to include the phone number for a shipping address? Every other field is helpful, but phone numbers are the only part of a shipping address that is missing, and we need this info.

For context, we have some stores that offer "pre-orders", so that an order is placed at one time, and then the actual order is fulfilled a few months later once manufacturing is complete. We use this Export Pick List CSV to generate a list of orders, so that we can email each customer and confirm whether their address has changed, or if we are good to send it as-is.

Since phone numbers are mandatory for all international labels, and UPS domestic labels as well, this information is something we need to confirm as well. Currently if we want to include that field, we have to manually copy and paste, which is a huge pain for multiple-hundred orders.

You may ask why we don't just export orders directly from the store back end, and the reason for that is because we're often contacted by customers who need to change their address, and we make that change in ShippingEasy, so the initial order information may no longer be valid.

Thanks for your help!

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