Address Validation is Useless - needs to be better


Testing out platform as we currently use shipstation for 6 years and looking to change. Tested shipping using an address where I left off the apt. number knowing in shipstation this would cause an invalid address alert.

In shippingeasy, address went through and label was able to be created. Guess what, if I shipped this package UPS would charge us an additional $18.00 or so for an invalid address.

Until they get this added - I would recommend looking at other platforms. No platform in 2023 should not have address validation down to suite/apt. level letting you know an address needs an apt. number, etc.


Hi Glenn, thank you for reaching out and providing this feedback! I'm sorry to hear that the system did not alert you that the address was invalid. This is something our team would love to troubleshoot. I'll be reaching out to you via email so we can investigate this. 

Warm regards,


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