New Changes & Updates to Software - VERY BAD


The new updates to the ShippingEasy software has actually made my job harder to do. First off, there is no longer an option to create a Manual entry, when I talked to Live Chat they explained the new way to create orders, which took more steps than previously. This takes more time to complete labels which takes away from other things I need to do. Secondly, there is no longer an option to scan in orders from our system into ShippingEasy. With the new update, we now have to manually type in the order # from our system to match the one in ShippingEasy, costing more time and overall efficiency. The new update to the software makes for a less streamline working environment, as well as allows for more human error, the whole purpose behind an automated system such as SE. These problems NEED to be fixed in order for our company to continue using this software.


Hello there,

As there are several issues brought about in regard to your process I will be following up by email to continue this conversation.

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