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On several occasions (usually when I'm really stressed and busy) I have deleted orders from my Shipping Easy dashboard by mistake.  I usually realize the error within seconds but there is nothing to do.  A feature where deleted orders are held for even just a few minutes with an undo option would be SO helpful!  
To offer a bit of clarity about why it's an issue..  All orders from Shopify (including pickup orders that will not be shipped) go over to ShippingEasy.  From there we print packing slips for everything. Then we send shipped orders over to the "create shipment" page and delete the in-store pickup orders.  At least once every holiday season I send the in store pickups over to shipments and delete the shipping orders.  I then have to create manual orders for each of the shipped orders and manually fill in the tracking info on shopify once I'm done shipping.  Its terrible and so time consuming and absolutely soul crushing when you have a pile of orders that need fulfilled.  Yesterday I did it with a batch of about 15 orders, but I have done it with 30+ orders before. 
I was lamenting about this problem to my team who all said they had done it before as well as my husband who runs his own store and he confirmed he had made this error before as well.  Please please give us an undo button!  



YES!! Please add a way to either reverse a cleared order, or at least be able to create a duplicate shipment on a cleared order. Manually creating orders is so time consuming and we lose visibility to what happened on an order.

Niki - we have a similar process and created a shipping rule to auto-clear all the in store orders so we didn't have to delete them. But every once in a while a customer changes their mind and doesn't want to pick up their order and then we have to manually create an order instead of just use the cleared order that is already out there with all the correct info.

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Hello! Thank you so much for this feedback. I agree that having a time period after the order is cleared to bring it back is a great idea. I am going to send this to our product team! Thanks for the great idea.

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