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When I print a label, please have the customer’s email sent immediately. I rely on that as one last chance for them see if the address is correct. Currently it only sends immediately if itsa shipping day and the order it set for that day. So for example, if I prepare and print a label Saturday night, the customer wont get their email until the label is scanned by the carrier, normally Monday afternoon!  Just have it send regardless of the shipping date

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Hi Brian, 

Thank you for taking the time to post. The shipment confirmation emails' timing depends on whether you have post-dated the labels.

When labels are purchased on the Ship Date:
The shipment confirmation email is sent as soon as a label gets printed.

When labels are post-dated with a future Ship Date:
The shipment confirmation email will be sent on the shipment date. 

Send a Shipment Confirmation Email | How To

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