Posting to forum UI/UX issues


If someone is asking how to post to a forum, you have bigger issues that need to be addressed. First is it not obvious that you guys are using a 3rd party to link a simple forum to your application. When in the community center inside a posted question but before you are logged into said 3rd party site, there is a link at the bottom that says login to post to forum. You click this link and it redirects you to the Shippingeasy login (not 3rd party login). The only way I was capable of logging in was through a direct link posted in the forum that someone from Shippingeasy provided. Otherwise it was impossible to figure out. That link needs to be changed. It would also be useful to have a simple login once you go to the support center. If there is one, it isn't obvious. I would at least go in and check those redirects for that link. That should be easy enough to update. I want to come here and be able to post and help other people it is a ghost land here. I know you guys are getting off the ground and figuring things out and customer service isn't always the most tech savvy. I have a lot of experience with Shippingeasy, ecommerce, and web dev that I would like to help others that may not be the most computer literate.  

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