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ShippingEasy One Balance makes managing your label balance easy. Avoid creating multiple charges for individual shipments by adding a sum of money to be debited whenever you purchase a label. Any time you need to add to your money, you will only need to select the amount you want to add - no re-entering your credit card, no forms to fill out. Review all articles on using ShippingEasy's One Balance accounts.

This article explains how to:

  • Add funds to your One Balance account

  • How to get a refund.

Add Funds to Your One Balance Account

Follow these steps to replenish your One Balance Account

  1. Click the Add Money button. A popup window showing your current balance will open.

    Box highlights Add Money link in UI
  2. Type the dollar amount you want to add into the field next to Amount. Click Add Money to confirm and add the funds.

    Adding Postage

    You must enter a whole dollar amount when you are adding funds. Do not include decimals in your purchase total.

    boxes highlight Amount field and Purchase Amount button

    You will automatically see your new balance reflected on the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page.

When money has been successfully added, you will receive a confirmation email from verifying the purchase. If you have received this email, refresh your browser, and then wait for the balance to update. This can take several minutes.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, consider trying to add money once more but keep in mind that all purchase requests may eventually process, so be careful not to add too much. Postage balance refunds are only granted when an account is closed.

If you still do not see the balance update, reach out to ShippingEasy's Customer Success team.

Get a Refund from Your One Balance Account | How To

If you accidentally add too much money to a ShippingEasy One Balance account and you want to receive a refund for the balance you will need to close the account. One Balance is powered by, and they only refund a postage balance when the account is closed.

Once you close the account, it may take Stamps 6-8 weeks to either refund your credit card or mail you a check. If you decide later that you still want the services provided by that specific type of Stamps account, you can always open a new free account.

To close your One Balance Account

  1. To see the complete One Balance account details, click on Manage Passwords.

    Box highlights Manage Passwords link in UI
  2. Log in to Stamps using the Username and Password as shown in ShippingEasy.

    Boxes highlight Username and Password fields
  3. Go to  Account Settings > Contact Info in the sidebar, then confirm that your contact info (mailing address, phone, and email) are all up to date, as account closure is permanent. website. Box highlights Contact Info option
  4. Click Change/Cancel Plan in the Account Settings dropdown menu to proceed with closing your account.

    Account Settings. Box highlights option to Change / Cancel Plan
  5. Click Close Account at the bottom of the page.

    Stamps account settings showing Close account marked
  6. Answer a couple of questions to provide feedback and then click Continue.

    Stamps Feedback popup with dropdown menu options

Notes about One Balance refunds

How is my One Balance refund processed?

If you have remaining funds in One Balance, it will be refunded to the credit card that was most recently used to purchase funds. If you have not purchased within three months, the balance refund may be mailed to you in the form of a check. Balance refunds for purchases made using direct debit from a checking account will be mailed as a check. It is important to verify that the mailing address on the account is correct prior to closing the account to avoid delays.

How are my pending refund requests handled?

If you have any pending refund requests for postage misprints, the account status changes to "Pending Close", and the account will wait until all requests have been processed before closing. After all, refunds have been processed, the account status will change to "Closed" and the unused postage balance will be refunded.


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